Emery Jorgenson,  President and CEO of Jorgenson Polymers LLC, has over 40 years of experience in the chemical and plastics industry. He began in the sales of raw material chemical sales to companies producing resins, additives, colors, that were the basic materials for film production, sheet, rod, plastic parts and more. Jorgenson also sold Davis-Standard Extruders and Davis-Standard Killion  extrusion equipment, Dr. Schenk film inspection systems which led to the formation of JMC Killion Laboratories a proof of concept extrusion center.

JMC Killion Laboratories, which was renamed Polywrx LLC, conducted trials for companies throughout the US and Canada and assisted in the development of multi-layer films, bio-degradable films, sheet, tubing, rod and more. Upon the closing of the technical center, Jorgenson Polymers LLC was formed to supply film producers, injection molders, and blow molders with excellent resins, concentrates, master batch, additives and colors.

The company continues to assist customers with their equipment requirements and proof of concept extrusion trials with the many resources Jorgenson has developed over the years.